For Sale - Cars

The For Sale - Cars Board is for selling full Neons or shells. It is NOT for parts cars or parting-out cars. Please remember these
boards are for NEON ONLY content.
Forum rules
- When posting a car for sale in this area, in the subject line you need to include the location.

- When building your 'ad' be sure to include: Location, Model, Engine, Color, Year, Mods, Mileage,Price, Problems, Head gasket Replacement, Timing Belt Replacement etc.

- If your car sells, please update your post/subject line to indicate its been sold. You are able to edit your own posts.

- No "Want to Buy" posts in this forum. There is a forum dedicated for that already.

- No Non-Neon cars. The only cars allowed for sale here are 1st Gen Neons, 2nd Gen Neons and SRT-4's

- We reserve the right to lock posts or remove them if the information above isn't in the post. We are trying to make it better for you to sell your car and make as much as you can on the deal.

- User posts which make comments on price (too much/too low) will be deleted and user given a warning. Dont like the price? Don't buy it, don't comment on it.

Posts not conforming to rules WILL BE REMOVED
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