1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring

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1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring

Post by Swankie40 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:42 pm

Time to start a project log! I want to start buying some parts over the next couple weeks! My plan is to fix the body up, do some maintene and build a mild 318 ( cam, header, intake and carb ) :grin:
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Re: 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring

Post by occasional demons » Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:51 pm

Probably the best bang would be to get a pair of non Magnum 360 heads, and bolt them on.

340 heads are better, but chances of scoring them are probably a lot tougher.

The 360 heads have bigger intake valves than the 318 heads, but not as large as 340 heads.

The 360 valve seats can be cut to take the 340 valves though.

IIRC, the 360 intake valves are 1.88" and the 340 are 2.02" I don't recall what 318 intake valves are.

But you could probably still find a set of old 360 heads, as the 360 was pretty common.

They would make the other mods perform. If you are spending money, may as well get the most out of it. Since you will be most of the way there doing a cam, intake for the carb, and pulling the exhaust manifolds off...

The next level would be dropping a 360 Magnum in, but then you would need the electronics to support it.

Then onto the modern Hemi's. If your day dreaming. :lol:

I bought a '73 Fury about 32 years back, that had a 318, the girl said it needed a valve job. She wanted $175 for it. It was practically rust free.

I test drove it, and it ran like no other 2 barrel 318 car I had driven. I told her there was nothing wrong with the valves, and she could get more money out of it. She was adamant that it needed a valve job, as that's what her mechanic told her. So I drove off with a dirt cheap DD.

It got horrible fuel mileage for a 318, but it would leave most cars in the dust. It was a 318, but I suspect it had either 360 or 340 heads on it.

2nd gear eventually went out in the 904 TF, and I ended up selling it to an older couple for $250, with a spare transmission. I sort of regretted it, as I seen it a few months later, and they were just running it into the ground. The paint looked bad, and it was filthy. I don't know if they installed the trans, or just kept running it like a 2 speed, like I had been.
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