25th Anniversary Banner

Carlisle, PA - July 8-12
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25th Anniversary Banner

Post by PA ACR » Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:51 pm


I finally got around to contacting Ed Buczeskie yesterday. I asked him about Carlisle making 25th Anniversary banners which were on display under our tent and selling them. He said because of all the uncertainty and financial risks surrounding this year's event, they only had 2 made. I told him there was a big demand for them and wanted to know if there was any possibility of having about 50 of them made. He said that was highly improbable. I then said some pictures were taken of the banner and could they be used by someone from our groups to have banners made by a 3rd Party Vendor and sold. He said Carlisle management would be rather upset if they found out that happened. I told him our 2 groups had discussed possibly having another combined national event at Carlisle next year to celebrate the 25th Anniversary since there was so much uncertainty about this year's event. He said he would try to help us as much as he could with planning and purchasing items for the event.
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Re: 25th Anniversary Banner

Post by Midnight Rider » Wed Aug 05, 2020 1:34 am

I would certainly be interested in a "25th Anniversary... Part 2" in 2021. I keep thinking that this year's event is still upcoming- it feels that way to me. I'm already planning for next year! :yahoo:
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