Mopar MS-9417 Mtx Fluid: Analysis Results

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Mopar MS-9417 Mtx Fluid: Analysis Results

Post by Stuart Hughes » Sun Feb 12, 2006 12:46 pm

Mopar Spec MS-9417 Mtx Fluid: Analysis of Fresh & used samples

I had virgin and used samples of this "liquid gold" analyzed by Schaeffer Labs back in Aug. & Sept. '02. I thought I had posted it here at .org and at Bobistheoilguy long ago, but can't find it by searching,
at either website, & so post this. BTW, the lab goofed the first time & had to re-do tests on both the used & unused samples.

This is the manual transaxle lubricant spec'ed by Chrysler for the manual NV-T350 transaxles in 95-99 Neons. I believe they continued to use it through the 2000 or 2001 model year, after that they switched to ATF-+4.

The virgin sample was from a sealed bottle bought when I changed my trans fluid in August '02. The used sample is taken from the factory fill Mtx fluid I drained at the same time at 116,320 miles. As you can see, there is nothing magic about this stuff, wear metals are pretty high. It’s a GL-4 manual transaxle lube with a viscosity equal to a high-end 20W or low end 30W motor oil(understand that different batches will almost certainly have slightly different viscosities. They shoot for a narrow range, not an absolute #) To put things in perspective, 20W range is from 5.6 to 9.29 CST, 30W range is from 9.3 to 12.49 CST; Redline MTL usually tests at around 10.5 to 11 CST. I used to be scared to death to use anything except the Mopar fluid, but when I drain the current fill in a couple of weeks will refill with a fluid from a custom maker, ships to anywhere in the 48 states for ~$40/gal. Because of shipping it’s actually cheaper to buy a gal than 3 qts of his fluid. If Redline MTL was available locally I’d happily buy that.

Numbers are in Parts Per Million, or ppm. Percentages are of maximum % allowable.

Wear metals:
Copper: 6 , 373
Iron: 2 , 399
Chromium: 0, 2
Aluminum: 2 , 9
Lead: 1 , 119

Moly: 2, 3
Phosphorus: 1071 , 2495
Zinc: 1109 , 1310
Magnesium: 6245 , 5711
Calcium: 151 , 470

No antifreeze, fuel, or water.
Silicon: 4 , 84

Viscosity CST: 8.97 , 4.99
SAE: 20W , 10W

Sulfur: 0 , 25%
Oxidation: 0 , 2%
Nitration: 0 , 8%

My personal take on this: I can think of several different fluids I’m willing to put in my trans. In no particular order, they are:

1. Mopar MS-9417, as originally recommended.

2. Mopar ATF-+4(In my car I’d want to change this fairly quick, though. Why? Good base oil, but kinda short on anti-wear additives for a manual transaxle. Lotsa people use it & like it, though!)

3. Pennzoil Synchromesh. Right viscosity & type of additives, no reason it shouldn’t work well in our transaxles. Quaker State Synchromesh is virtually identical.

4. Redline MTL: A hair thicker than our MS-9417,big deal. So many have used this with no problems, I’d be happy to fill my Mtx with it, if only someone sold it locally! Strong anti-wear additive package & full synthetic base oil.

5. Specialty Formulations SynchroGlide: this is the fluid I mentioned above. Haven’t used it yet, but expect it to give smoother shifts & much lower wear than the factory fluid. Viscosity 9.5 CST (very low 30W), full synthetic base oil with a very strong anti-wear additive package. Since I have to order, I chose this fluid.

Of course, your opinion may vary. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to use in his (or her) tranny, just passing along some firm data on a much debated, & poorly understood subject.

Admins, & Mods, could we put this one in the archives?
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