Wtb 1g suspension and turbo parts. Located 52134

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Wtb 1g suspension and turbo parts. Located 52134

Post by lsagate1013 » Wed Nov 11, 2020 6:32 pm

Looking for aftermarket rear suspension parts, probably too rare to come by these days.

Heavy rear sway, Eibach I believe.
Adjustable links
Prothane inserts

Also a good turbo fold and supporting items. Block off plate, SRT downpipe, and other odds and ends. I have a turbo kit complete intake side minus turbo, downpipe etc....

I'm getting divorced soon and will have time to enjoy myself again. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Located 52134
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Re: Wtb 1g suspension and turbo parts. Located 52134

Post by occasional demons » Thu Nov 12, 2020 6:28 am

Adjustable rear links...

Not sure if anyone is even selling used stuff.

I bought the set up below, and made my own spacers to use the factory 12mm set up. There isn't any slop, not sure what was meant, unless you are using the 1/2" bushings they come with, and the 12mm bolts. I made completely new bushings from 3/4" round stock, IIRC. I drilled 12mm holes in it using the lathe at work.

This is all 4 lateral arms, for total adjustment.

It's kind of a shame they don't offer stuff in metric, in this day and age. But that is the only downside to this option.

ducktapetg wrote: Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:14 am
mopar2 wrote:Could you get the part #s for all those threaded rod and rod end parts? I see you went with speedway motors! I'm interested in doing the same to my 97!
Sure can :thumbup:

Just remember these have some slop as they all will. Also, depending on how my spacers come out, I might be able to make a set for you if you use the same setup as me (stock 12mm bolts). You could run a 1/2" bolt and this setup would work fine but I don't really want to drill out my knuckles and frame to clear those bolts. Also, I used a 17" long bar for more adjustment in the negative camber range. In my pictures, I have the rods set to the factory spacing so you can see it is still adjustable inward, but not that much.

(4) 91034158-17 ALUM TUBE FOR 5/8" HEIMS
(4) 91008002 FORGED STEEL 4-BAR END LH
(1) 1756046-LH STEEL JAM NUTS 5/8" 6/PACK
(1) 1756046-RH STEEL JAM NUTS 5/8" 6/PACK

Also, for those who haven't shopped at speedway, they are fantastic. I called up and asked a few questions to help me better understand the rods and their application and ensure that they will work on my car. They helped out huge. Their knowledge was great along with how willing they were to help. Also, shipping was fast. I ordered these at 8pm EST and they shipped them out by 9pm EST same day. I do plan on using them again for anything I need.
Sourced from:
https://forum.2gn.org/posting.php?mode= ... 1&p=990351

Edit: I used Energy Suspension's bushing lube to assemble everything, so hopefully it helps with movement, and any squeaking. It will probably be a while before it sees the street...
- Bill

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Re: Wtb 1g suspension and turbo parts. Located 52134

Post by LenAyala » Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:00 am

I have a complete early version Hahn turbo kit that came with my last Neon purchase. I never used it. It has an intercooler and all fuel mods already done. If you're interested you can PM me. I can send pics, or try to post them here, but if I bother to put pics up here, it'll be on the main "parts for sale" board.

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