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Difference between SRT-4 and GT cruzier motor???

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 3:47 am
by BlackRhino
So omg I'm freaking broke and my lucky streak has continued...

Went to the JY today to find a fuel pump... seen a new pt in the lot... walked my the back to get to the neon section and realized it was a GT looked under the hood and it was complete.had been completely smashed in the rear.. went to ask the guy how much for the turbofold and he said "we want to get rid of it fast due to how bad it is, give me 550 and ill give you the whole thing...

Well needless to say I got paid today... and I'm broke again... don't know what I'll do about gas but oh well... Going to pick it up on Tuesday when my buddy gets back in town with his flatbed...

anyways... I'm going to swap the motor and just MS it so i don't have to worry about the wiring...

My question is... What are the differences between the SRT-4 block and GT cruzier block??? I noticed the intake manifold is drastically different and pretty damn sure it wouldn't fit under a neon hood...
Any other differences???

Also, need to know about the clutch will a neon clutch work???

Would I just use the 2.0 intake manifold??? or should i find a used srt-4 intake???

God so many questions... Lets start with these...

I know how to get it in the car I've swapped a 2.4 before in a Buddy's car...

Thanks guys...

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 5:02 am
by PurpleNeon
Well, FWIW, the motors are the same (except the obvious intake)... I don't know for sure if there's any minor differences in the turbofold (don't think so, but don't anybody bust my huevos if there is) like flange clocking or anything. The motor itself is the same as the SRT, the computers are different, and that's most if not all the HP difference. I don't think the manifold makes that much of a HP difference.

If you're keeping the motor stock, I'd use a PT clutch, or if you really plan to flog it, a turned SRT clutch.

As far as an intake, if you go MS, either the SRT or Neon will work. SRT would be the better manifold, and the Neon would need redrilled to bolt to the head (not a tough job).

I answered cuz you asked. I only hope right off the top of my head I got everything right.

Nice score. Did you get the whole PT, or just the motor? My '04 might like parts if you got the whole thing.

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 10:35 am
by BlackRhino
I got the whole thing... for 550... its absolutely smashed in the rear from the back bumper to about 6 inches behind the back door... The only thing that will be not for sale is the motor and the transmission... buddy needs the tranny...

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 11:04 am
by PurpleNeon
You do know that that is the tranny is different from the Neon, or N/A PT trans, right?

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 12:46 pm
by BlackRhino
yeah I'm not going to run it... just going to run the neon trans

My buddy has a gt cruzier but its auto...
so he's getting everything for the mtx swap... then i get the rest...

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 12:54 pm
by PurpleNeon
So it's the Getrag. Send me some pics!

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 1:04 pm
by BlackRhino
I plan on going out there today and acually spending some time with the car... just looking it over... I went in 15 mins to close last night and wasent able to look for an extended period of time...

yeah its the getrag... but i tell you what that thing is fast as hell... he has it pushing about 18psi spiking to 20-25 and he gets on it and those front tires dont stop spinning its pretty amazing... the only race ive seen him lose to a "tuner" car was to a SRT-4 with the agp big turbo upgrade deal...

I have alot of studying to do... about megasquirt and what not... talking to una a bit trying not to bug him with long drawn out questions... and he has pretty much set my mind at ease...

Posted: Thu May 29, 2008 1:09 pm
by PurpleNeon
Yeah, I can't run MS, but I've started reading some lately... just cuz. People PM me with questions that sometimes I don't have answers to. :lol:

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:44 pm
by Spoo76
You may want to grab the front knuckles,rotors,hubs and all the brake related stuff
even if YOU dont swap to the GT/SRT style brakes you can always sell it for a few bucks and make half of what you paid back

also depending on the year if it has the newer heradlights and front end i bet you could sell it to a PT guy with the older stuff

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:02 pm
by pimp_daddy_patty
I have a PT turbo motor in my first gen. The motor itself and the turbofold are identical to the SRT.

The valve cover has a 3/8 NPT thread for the PCV valve so u can't use the SRT PCV valve, but you can add a 90 degree npt fitting and use a first gen style valve.

Some differences in the wiring harness for certain sensors due to the intake being different.

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:35 am
by jakkal
I read / heard you needed an SRT dash if you were putting in the SRT motor. Is that true? I don't know why you would. My best guess was that because of the different wiring harness the gauges wouldn't work properly. ??? I would be interested in doing a similar swap if it doesn't require fitting a whole new dash. Do you just need the computer and wiring harness to go with the motor?

Posted: Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:52 am
by john doe
If you are using the SRT computer then you have to use the gauges since they're run using a bus system. If your using a Megasquirt then you can drive the stock gauges directly.