Is there an online data base for maps anymore?

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Is there an online data base for maps anymore?

Post by Next GenRacing » Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:46 am

I have a MS2 that I've been running for almost 8 years. The car has never ran very smoothly. It's idle is all over the place and part throttle kinda sporadic. Maximum horsepower isn't an issue, it's drivability stuff that I want to get ironed out.

I remember there being a database with maps on symtechs website but that doesn't seem to work anymore. Any idea where I can get a good base map for my setup?

It's a status 2.4l with low compression wiseco pistons. Running a t3\t4 turbo (to4e compressor wheel).

MS2 RS motorsport version, with 3 bar map sensor. Stock IAC, TPS, GM coolant and IAT senors, innovate wideband. I'm only using it for spark, and fuel control. Everything else is ran through the stock ECU.

Help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Is there an online data base for maps anymore?

Post by NickKo » Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:30 pm

I ran a quick search, and pulled up this old thread:


Might THIS be what you are looking for ?? :dunno:

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