Running dohc on a sohc pcm?

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Running dohc on a sohc pcm?

Post by Dodge This One » Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:51 am

Hi all, no experience with this, so I figure I'll ask. I know a sohc can be ran fine off a dohc pcm. How about in reverse? I have a mostly built up dohc motor (stock cams) that was running fine on it's stock pcm, I just swapped from atx to mtx so I had it programmed into a psyched but failed smog. I'm trying to be cheap and not get a new cat right yet. I found a stock manual pcm but it is for sohc. Any issues to be foreseen? This will be a temporary thing. Or does someone have a 97-99 mtx ecu for dohc cheap?
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Re: Running dohc on a sohc pcm?

Post by NickKo » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:33 pm

It won't be 'optimal', but it should run the engine.

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Re: Running dohc on a sohc pcm?

Post by occasional demons » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:35 am

Be sure you have a good o2 sensor, because the fuel trims at near/WOT are going to rely on that more than the programmed fuel curve.

I doubt it will run lean, as most '97 to '99 DOHC come with 21lb injectors vs 19 lb that the SOHC have. So the injectors are going to be compensating for a anything the SOHC does not put out. It is programmed around the 19 lb injectors. The o2 will probably be leaning it slightly from the program under most normal driving conditions.

If you run SOHC injectors, then there could be a slight chance of going slightly lean, if they couldn't deliver, but I doubt it, considering magnum heads with a hotter cam have been successfully run on 1gn 2.0's.

Like I've said before, putting a fresh o2 on my '01 with a 60mm TB made more throttle response than the UDP ever did. It was the best "mod" I ever did. :grin: That bigger opening will lean it out momentarily, until a tired o2 sensor catches up. The same principle would go for a better flowing DOHC head.
- Bill

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